Makeup-less Monday with HIS OWN

The Trap of Time

When I was recently in Nashville recording for my new project, I got to sit in with some of my favorite girls! HIS OWN is a band and women's ministry based out of Nashville and I'm thankful to call these beauties friends.  We were grabbing dinner the other night and this topic came up about how time can be used against us and discourage us in our walk with Jesus.  If our life doesn't seem to line up with what we had in mind or if we aren't in a place in life we had expected to be by a certain birthday, it's easy to start believing the lie that God has forgotten about us with the intention of leaving our broken hearts unsatisfied. <--Yeah, that lie.  And what a lie that is.  In this episode, we share about our own struggles with time and how that's helped us grow closer in our relationship with God. <3