January 2015:

  • 1.13.15: Music video for single, "Calling Me Higher" drops!
  • 1.13.15: iTunes Pre-Order for Freely Fully begins! Click here to pre-order!
  • 1.22.15: NY Diocese Rally with Cardinal Dolan, Washington D.C. in Tori Harris band.
  • 1.30.15: Interview on The Catholic Playlist

February 2015:

  • 2.5.15: CD Release Party for Freely Fully
  • 2.10.15: EP Freely Fully releases online
  • 2.21.15: Catholic Underground North.  More details here.

March 2015:

  • 3.8.15: Generation Phaith Youth Rally, Philadelphia PA



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Those who perceive in themselves this kind of divine spark which is the artistic vocation—as poet, writer, sculptor, architect, musician, actor and so on—feel at the same time the obligation not to waste this talent but to develop it, in order to put it at the service of their neighbor and of humanity as a whole.     St. John Paul the Great