Environment   +   Encounter   +   Conversion

Creating a compelling environment of prayer for encountering Christ and deepening conversion


When I was 14, my heart was opened to the Heart of Jesus in the Eucharist through worship and adoration.  It lifted the veil for me and moved Jesus as God in my head to the God of my heart.  Your whole world changes when you experience the profound love of Jesus personally. It's just like falling in love.  It doesn't make sense until it happens to you.  

That is my main mission when I lead worship or give concerts.  To help set an environment for God to move.   


Currently booking for concerts, festivals, retreats, holy hours, masses, camps, and youth rallies for 2017-18.

Teresa is available acoustic solo, acoustic trio and full band.



Those who perceive in themselves this kind of divine spark which is the artistic vocation—as poet, writer, sculptor, architect, musician, actor and so on—feel at the same time the obligation not to waste this talent but to develop it, in order to put it at the service of their neighbor and of humanity as a whole.     St. John Paul the Great